The Importance Of A Captain For Fishing Trips

Are you looking to enjoy a very good fishing outing with your family? Do you want to catch the best fishes and also have a great time in the ocean or the river? If you are looking to make the most of your fishing trips, then it is important to use a very good charter boat to hit the waters. In fact, more than the boat, you will want a very good captain running the boat. He is the detrimental factor on how your fishing trip will go. The captain is the person whom you got to depend upon to take you to the places in the river or the ocean where fishing is ideal. Hence, it is very important to get the best captain of the boat.

Fishing Trips

The experience of captain matters

The first thing you should make sure is that the captain you are hiring has plenty of years behind him in the waters. You should never choose to go in charter boats that have part-time captains who are employed in some other place and only work as a captain during the weekends. A full-time captain will know the water well and also can predict the behavior of the waters. He will know the right place for fishing in deeper waters. The captain will be aware of the fish behavior and will help you in making the fishing trip a memorable and safe one. The best Captain I had was Jim Morris but sadly he is now retired and owns now. He was a very skilled fisherman and I hope he is enjoying the painting business. 

Know what you will catch

Talk to the captain of the ship to know what kind of fish you will be catching. A good captain will provide you with the details of the kind of fishes the sea or the river offers. He will also let you know if you could have a good catch or not looking at the weather conditions. You can interview the captain to know how qualified he is for the job. By getting answers to your questions, you will be in a position to judge if the shortlisted captain is worthy of making your fishing trip an exciting one or not. In the enthusiasm of choosing the captain, do not forget to check on the boat.


Tips And Tricks For Catching Bass Fish During Summer

It is going to be a challenge to catch the bass fish during the summer. Your fishing skills will definitely be put to test. You do not need to have great skills to catch the fish during the spring months. But, when it comes to the late summer months you need to know a few magical tips and tricks to enjoy the summer bass fishing.

Catching Bass Fish

Choose the right waters to fish

It is highly important for you to choose the summer fishing waters when you have plans to catch the bass fish. You should opt for lakes, rivers, and ponds that have very good vegetation or have deep waters. The bass fish needs a lot of oxygen during the summer months and hence they will be seen in areas where there is good vegetation. This also means that the bass fishes will be in the deep lake or pond waters.

Do bass fishing early or late

The best time to carry out bass fishing during the late summers is to hit the waters before the sun rises. If you cannot venture for fishing early in the morning, then you should wait till the dusk time to try bass fishing. The bass fishes can be caught during the cooler periods of the summer months. This is a basic that every summer bass fishing beginner must know.

Make use of contour map

A contour map is a very handy tool for summer bass fishing beginners to know the details of the deeper water. The hot water will make the bass fishes go deep into the waters to beat the heat. The bottom composition and the structure of the deeper waters will be made clear on the contour maps. By this way, you can spot the location of the bass fishes.

Explore shallow waters first and then go deep

If you are catching bass fish on a hot summer morning, then you should start shallow and then move on to the deeper waters as the sun goes up. It is very important for you to make use of the contour map to locate deep water structures.

Why It Is Important To Teach Your Kids Fishing?

Are you an avid fishing enthusiast who loves to catch a wide range of fish species? Do you want to share your fishing skills with your son or daughter and keep them interested in fishing? There is no doubt that fishing is a very good pastime and kinds love to fish. If you are looking to make your kid a very good fish catcher, then you need to start early. The kids will enjoy the time that they get to spend outdoors and in the waters. You can also go on fishing trips and this will ensure good bonding with the family members. The following are some of the reasons why you should teach your kids to fish.

Kids Fishing

Stay away from technology

You pretty well know the positives and the negatives associated with the internet and online games. Children these days do not like to play outside and love to spend hours in front of computers. You need to keep your kids away from the mobile devices and computers as far as possible. They should get a break from technology. The best way to do this is to get them outdoors and indulge them in fishing. This will help them to sharpen their concentration and also help in focusing their eyes on something.

Boosts their confidence

There is no doubt that fishing is a great exercise that will help kids to enjoy the feeling of getting empowered and confident. You will remember the very first fishing attempt you made and also the best fish that you have caught so far. It will offer you vivid memories that will help in giving you all the encouragement needed to venture into the deep waters or the sea. The kids will gain more confidence and feel empowered when they learn a new fishing skill.

Kids will learn to bond better

The kids will learn about relationships and bonding when you venture out with your family on fishing trips. If you are able to manage a great catch during your fishing trips, then they will also feel the joy and warmth of the big catch. They will love you for doing the fishing and taking on the trip. They will also be interested in learning the art of fishing from you. Going on regular fishing trips with your family will surely boost the relationships within the family.

Learn more about the ecosystem

The kids who are interested in fishing will not only enjoy it as a hobby. The fishing trips will help them to learn more about the aquatic world and also about the fishes. They will learn which of the fishes thrive in saltwater and freshwater ecosystems. The trips that they take to the boats in the deep waters will actually turn out to be a biology class for them. This way the kids will be able to enrich their knowledge. The kids will learn about the different species of fishes as well.

The Basic Components Of A Fly Fishing Gear

The fly fish equipment is a very important tool for fishing. Learning to fly fish is very important if you want to catch the best fishes. If you thought that fly fishing is an easy job, then it can be easy only if you use the right fly fishing gear. It is very easy to learn the art of fly fishing. But, before you venture out to learn the fishing art, you need to know the pieces of the fly fishing gear.

Fishing Gear

  •         Fly rod

This rod is an important piece of a flying fish gear. It is not a difficult job to choose a fly fishing rod. You should bear in mind the species of fish that you would like to catch when buying the fly rod. In fact, weight categorizes these rods. You need to buy a 6 or a 7-weight fly rod to catch large mouthed fishes.

  •         Fly line

The fly line is a piece of gear that you will put on the reel on the fishing rod. The fly line weight, the density, and the taper are some of the characteristics you need to consider when choosing the fly line weight. The line taper is very important as this is what will help in casting in an efficient manner. The line weight should go well with the fishing rod and the reel. The density of the line is also very important. You need to choose the right line density as this is what will show how effective your line will behave when it is in the water. The best option for beginner fly fishing enthusiasts is floating lines and weight forward taper. By using the right weight and line taper, the cast will get easier.

  •         Fly Reel

The weights of the fly rod and the fly reel must match. This means that you should match at 9-weight rod with a 9-weight reel and not a 7-weight reel. The best part about the fly fishing reels and rods is that they come rigged. Hence, you can use it instantly.

  •         Fly fishing leader

The leader on offer for fly fishing comes with fluorocarbon or monofilament. They come in a wide range of weights and lengths. The length and the weight of the leader should depend on the area where you are planning to catch the fish and the type of fishes that you plan to catch.